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  1. Please be aware all parts and components supplied to you for the restoration and repair of vehicles are non-genuine replica items unless otherwise stated.

    Any designs featuring logos or marques of motor manufacturers demonstrated in this website do not belong to us, no stock is held, and every item is made to order by your personal request. By placing an order for a replica or reproduction car part you take full responsibility for its request and reproduction.

    You also accept and take full responsibility in ensuring that that parts and products are used only for the restoration of specific vehicles of a kind that relate to the item you are requesting. Commissioning products to upgrade or modify otherwise 'standard' vehicles is not permitted. Stckyfingers does not endorse or agree to the 'ringing' of motor vehicles in an attempt to increase their market value or desirability, and as such we reserve the right to request registration and chassis numbers of motor vehicles to check their exact model prior to accepting your request.

    All vehicle checks are carried out online and no records are kept . Any information gained is deleted immediately after checks are made. No data regarding yourself or you vehicle is held at any time.